AHL Chemicals and Steel Limited releases new pesticides products

AHL Chemicals and Steel Limited releases new pesticides products

Thursday November 26, 2015 AHL Group

Farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector in this country who have been haunted by in-field and post-harvest pests for many years should now have greater hope for a brighter future in their farming enterprises because AHL Chemicals and Steel Limited (ACSL), a subsidiary of AHL Group, has launched new chemical products called Dettamax and Wivokil Super 275 EC that will assist to control pests in key cash crops such as cotton and many other grain crops.

The General Manager for ACSL Adamson Tong’o said in an interview that for a long time farmers and many stakeholders in this country have been looking for effective, high quality and affordable pesticides because pests are increasingly becoming a big challenge.

“If not controlled, pests can significantly affect the country’s economy because pests are one of the key factors that are contributing to low production, poor quality yields and  high post-harvest losses in many crops and as a country we need to arrest this challenge,” said Tong’o.

Tong’o described Dettamax as an unprecedented chemical solution to pests in cotton and other crops because pests have remained a threat to cotton farming.

He said although the Malawi government in collaboration with other stakeholders are also promoting other cash crops apart from tobacco to ensure that the country still earns enough forex, cotton is hardest hit by pests and it is one of the crops that will benefit from Dettamax.       

“ACSL being a reputed manufacturer of pesticides decided to play a role in promoting increased production of cotton. There are numerous pests that attack the cotton plant, which if not treated, can result in low yields. Bollworm is one of the pests that can adversely affect cotton yield if not controlled. Dettamax also controls other insects that attack cotton such as strainers and it has proved to be a highly effective bollworm control in all varieties of cotton grown in different districts of Malawi,” Tong’o said.

He further explained that Dettamax also controls other pests like thrips, jassids, leaf miners, aphids, bollworms, whiteflies, fruitfly, diamond-back mothand many more.

“These pests attackother crops such as soya beans, beans, vegetables crops, paprika, fruit crops, flowers and many more. Let me assure customers that Dettamax has a knock on effect and kills insects by direct contact,” explained Tong’o.

On a new product, Wivokil Super 275 EC, Tong’o said Malawi has been recording very high volumes of post-harvest losses of grain and it is the business objective of ACSL to contribute in reducing post-harvest grain losses which in maize can range between 20 to 40 percent.

“The availability of expensive imported grain protectants has not helped this country because some of them are not effective and the majority of smallholder grain producers cannot afford them,” Tong’o explained.

He added that Wivokil Super 275 EC is one example of the finest chemicals produced by ACSL that will help solve the problem of  post-harvest losses of grain that is caused mainly due poor grain storage facilities, poor handling of grain moisture related issues and attacks by pests, especially insects.

“This is why in March 2012; ACSL re-leased a pesticide, in dust formulation called Wivokil Super Dust, which is affordable to most of smallholder farmers. To ensure that Wivokil Super caters for varying application and usage, this year ACSL has now launched another new formulation from the existing dust formulation, an Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) Wivokil Super 275 EC which was tried and approved by government research institution,” Tong’o said adding that, “Wivokil Super 275 EC is packaged in 200ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles.”

Tong’o further said Wivokil Super 275 EC is easy to use. “Wivokil Super 275EC is used to protect grains such as maize, beans, soya beans, pigeon peas, cowpeas and many more. It is effective for 12 months, which is longer than most of EC grain protectants on the market,” he said.

According to Tong’o, as it is the case with Wivokil Super Dust, Wivokil Super 275 EC also controls insects such as larger grain borer, grain weevil, red flour beetle, dried bean beetle, lesser grain borer, agoumois grain moth and many more.

Tong’o explained that ACSL is a member of AHL Group and was established in April, 2011 as one of the Group’s strategic options for diversification and growth. ACSL is a leading and well-known Malawian company which manufactures, produces and markets pesticides, roofing materials and other steel products.

Tong’o said the ACSL’s vision is not only to serve Malawi but Africa as well in order to help in bringing in the much needed forex for the development of our country.

“ACSL has already developed a market in Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania where Wivokil Super 275 EC is being exported to,” he said.
According to  Tong’o, ACSL will continue to innovate and research for more products that will significantly contribute to the development of the country’s economy through its five production lines such as dust pesticide plant, liquid pesticide plant, roofing sheets plant, wire nails plant, and plastic bottle plant.

“ACSL was established with the desire to enhance local manufacturing of agricultural chemicals and steel products. These lines of production have already started contributing to socio-economic development because our products are affordable and clients always get the value for money from ACSL,” explained Tong’o.

The General Manager further described ACSL as a company that always puts its customers first. “Our products are manufactured to address the needs of stakeholders in this country,” said Tong’o adding that, “We realize that Malawians have good taste for durability and quality but they also look for affordable products. As such, we are manufacturing IBR and corrugated roofing sheets called M’banga, wire and roofing nails, watering cans and many more steel products.”

The General manager also emphasized that ACSL is a reputed and trusted brand for supplying high quality and efficacious products in Malawi and beyond.

“The company aims to maintain leadership and excellence in the innovation, production and marketing of pesticides, roofing sheets and other related steel products, which exceed expectations of its customers while ensuring profit maximisation such that, its brands have become reference points in pesticides and roofing materials industry,” he said.

Tong’o also promised Malawians that ACSL will continue to grow and reposition itself in order to effectively contribute to the country’s economy.

“Innovation is the current theme in this business era, as such ACSL is making a statement of intent to continuously grow its product portfolio by investing in machinery, materials and human resources to ensure unrivalled and excellent manufacturing and production of quality products,” said Tong’o.