AHL Group awards 20 best performing employees

AHL Group awards 20 best performing employees

Wednesday February 03, 2016 AHL Group

AHL Group on Wednesday 9th December, 2015 awarded twenty members of staff for their outstanding performance in the year at a glamourous function held at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

This is the second time for the Company to recognize and award in style its hardworking employees since the inception of the ‘Best Performing Employees Awards’ initiative in 2014.

The awardees went home with plasma television sets. Mr. Austin Bernard who emerged best of the best employees also received an additional upright fridge on top of the plasma television and was also offered a vacation trip to Cape Town in South Africa with his spouse.

Members of staff invited to the event enjoyed a buffet luncheon before witnessing the presentation of the awards.

Delivering his motivating speech as the Guest of Honor at the event, AHL Group’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Evans Matabwa called on the members to express gratitude to God and to one another for whatever happens in life and encouraged them to love and forgive each other.

“Quite often we forget to say thanks to God and our friends. Whatever happens to us we think it is a right. This Christmas season we must learn to express gratitude to the almighty God, cherish, love and forgive one another,” said the CEO while touching the hearts of many with the message.

The CEO then changed the tune to business. He revealed that AHL Group, just as any other company worldwide in these tough economic times, faced challenges in the year 2015. However, he said the company managed to sail through the challenges and he attributed this to hard working and teamwork among staff members.

“In times like these we need employees that devote all their energy for business to continue. Let us make strong decisions that will keep us anchored to success,” said Dr. Matabwa.

The CEO congratulated those who made it as 2015 best performing employees and encouraged all members to continue working hard.

“We need perseverance and should remain focused. Setting goals in our lived should be the priority until one gets to his or her destiny,” Dr. Matabwa explained.

The CEO concluded his address by calling on all members of staff to embrace innovation. According to him, there is always a better way of doing job in order to achieve the same results in a more efficient way.

In his remarks during the event, AHL Group Administration Executive Mr. Isaac Kambilinya mentioned that by awarding the employees the company is investing in human resource which is the key element that promotes productivity.

AHL Group has over 5,000 employees in all its subsidiaries namely Agricultural Trading Company (ATC), TIL, Malawi Leaf Company Limited (MLCL), AHL Chemicals and Steel Limited (ACSL) and AHL Commodities Exchange (AHCX). Employees from all these subsidiaries were eligible for the awards.