AHL Group Week 12 Tobacco Sales Update

AHL Group Week 12 Tobacco Sales Update

Monday July 02, 2018 AHL Group

As of Friday, June 29, 2018, more revenue has been realized from tobacco sales this year compared to last year on account of more volume of tobacco sold.

After 12 weeks of sales, $204.2 million was realized from selling 118.4 million kilograms of tobacco compared to $158.9 million realized from 81.9 million kilograms of tobacco sold in 2017.

Improved quality of tobacco sold contributed to the increase of the cumulative average price from $1.71/kg in week 11 to $1.73/kg in week 12.

In the week under review, better competition on burley auction sale resulted in the reduction of no-sale rejection from 23% in week 11 to 20% in week 12.

To download the salesĀ statistics documentĀ click here.