Posted - 15 March 2013

Her Excellency the President Dr. Joyce Banda on the 11th of March 2013 officially opened the 2013 Tobacco Marketing Season at Lilongwe Auction Floors, in Kanengo. On arrival at the Floors, the president was welcomed by the Vice President, Mr Khumbo Kachali and Chairman for AHL Group of Companies Dr Jerry Jana and other Cabinet Ministers.
The state president was then taken on a tour of the floors by the CEO for AHL, Dr Evans Matabwa who also took her through the dynamics of tobacco selling.
After witnessing the tobacco sales, she was then also taken through brief presentations on how Auction Holdings Limited (Group of companies) is contributing to the economy and welfare of various stakeholders through its subsidiaries and collaborations. Dr Matabwa took the President to each one of the exhibitions mounted by the subsidiaries and representatives of the collaborations. General Managers of subsidiaries explained to the President the activities their companies and the contributions they are making to the country’s economy. Manager representing HIV and AIDS Work and Market place policy, and the Manager representing collaborations on Mtetezi Insurance and Mlimi Umoyo also explained the activities involved in the areas they were representing by also outlining the benefits to the targeted beneficiaries.
Malawi Leaf Company Limited, Agricultural Trading Company, Tobacco Investments Limited, AHL Commodities Exchange Limited and AHL Chemicals and Steel Limited beautifully exhibited their products and the President spent good time at each of the exhibition sites a clear indication that she was very interested in the strategic path that AHL had taken, and this was confirmed in her speech at the mass rally when she specifically commended AHL the manufacturing of Wivokil, the role of ATC and the establishment of AHL Commodities Exchange Limited (AHCX)
After witnessing the sales, the President held a rally where she urged the buyers to offer good prices considering how farmers sweat to produce a good leaf. The President also appealed to farmers to bring tobacco free from Non Tobacco Related Materials (NTRM) and cautioned them against using child labour in their fields.
Tobacco sales at Chinkhoma Auction Floors on 13th March 2013 and Limbe Auction Floors will have their inaugural on 18th March 2013 and Mzuzu Auction Floors will have them on 8th April, 2013.